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Under What Conditions Do Children's Attitudes Change While Visiting The Zoo?

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Under What Conditions Do Children's Attitudes Change While Visiting The Zoo?
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10 pages in length. The purpose of this proposal is to examine the change in attitude of children who are told the truth about why animals live in zoos. Exposure to animals within a zoo setting is typically the first association children have with species beyond the domestic dog and cat. Giving them a truthful understanding of why wild animals are held in captivity for human enjoyment even though it serves as a tremendous detriment to the animal's physical and psychological well being is the first step in getting children interested in the humane treatment of animals at a very young age. Expectations of this qualitative research questionnaire include a change in attitude from the zoo being a fun place to see wild animals to one of sadness that wild animals are forced to live unhappy lives in unnatural surroundings just so people to look at them. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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