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Social Welfare Programs Developed During the Civil War and Reconstruction Era

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Social Welfare Programs Developed During the Civil War and Reconstruction Era
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This is a 12 page paper discussing the social welfare programs developed throughout the Civil War and Reconstruction Era. The Civil War and the Reconstruction years until 1896 saw a change in the social reform system in the United States as it was a time when “thousands of people received public assistance for the first time in their lives” according to Green (2003). The 1800s and the impact of the Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation also saw African Americans and minorities for the first time receiving some pensions and benefits although largely the welfare and pension system favored the whites and former soldiers in the war. Nevertheless, the formation of charities, organizations and pensions in the 19th century which addressed the needs of the increased state of poverty and the minority populations provided a basis for the social welfare system and civil rights which progressed through the 20th century. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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