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Robert A. Baron's "The Sweet Smell Of…Helping: Effects Of Pleasant Ambient Fragrance On Prosocial B...

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Robert A. Baron's "The Sweet Smell Of…Helping: Effects Of Pleasant Ambient Fragrance On Prosocial Behavior In Shopping Malls" - Article Review
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5 pages in length. People are inherently hardwired to subconsciously respond to meet with various olfactory stimuli; pleasant aromas bring about a heightened sense of pleasure and happiness, while offensive odors tend to do just the opposite. Why delicious smells like fresh-brewed coffee and baking cookies, as well as other agreeable odors as scented soaps and fragranced candles, trigger the pleasure region of the brain and compel people to be more charitable is what Robert A. Baron attempts to discern in his article entitled "The Sweet Smell Of. . . Helping: Effects of Pleasant Ambient Fragrance on Prosocial Behavior in Shopping Malls." Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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