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Italian Immigration Into Canada: The Historical Process and Trends

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Italian Immigration Into Canada: The Historical Process and Trends
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This is a 12 page paper discussing the historical process of Italian immigration into Canada. The process for Italian immigration into Canada has varied greatly in accordance with the development of the Immigration Acts over the last century. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, European immigrants were welcomed into Canada and offered land in exchange for their labor in the major industries such as mining, the railroads and the forestry camps and Italians were recruited by labor agents working for these industries and there were very few restrictions in order to meet demand. In 1906 and 1910, the Immigration Acts were introduced were designed to encourage British and American immigrants and restrict others, however industrialists still found that the European workers were still the best compromise in regards to wages paid and labor intensity and Italian immigration was still considerable in regards to the labor market. While little immigration occurred during the Depression and World War II years, after the war a great wave of Italian immigration occurring through a process which involved an alliance between the Canadian government and their new embassy in Rome. The process of family sponsorship created chains of Italian immigrants which was reduced when the points system was introduced in 1967 and placed a great deal of merit on education. The Immigration Act of 1976 lifted a great many of the discriminatory restrictions and allowed once more for immigration based on sponsorship and other aspects in relation to immigration goals and international relations. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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