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Ethical Issues Of Dumping Banned Products In Other Countries

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Ethical Issues Of Dumping Banned Products In Other Countries
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5 pages in length. Dumping the fire-retardant pajamas in other countries in order to recoup the millions of dollars manufacturers lost when the United States banned their sale was a most unethical approach clearly indicative of how money always eclipse the truly important issue at hand. No matter that children of these countries would not otherwise have access to fire-retardant pajamas, they would also not have had occasion to contract kidney cancer had they not been unduly exposed to the toxic chemical Tris. Justifying that one good (the fire-retardant pajamas) validates a bad (kidney cancer from Tris) is nothing short of unscrupulous business and personal tactics. The same is true of exporting the Dalkon Shield, inasmuch as the handful of serious physiological problems associated with using this product in no way offsets any potential benefit. To allow such blatantly unethical global practices indicates a complete breakdown in the fundamental tenets of social responsibility. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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