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Domestic Violence: A Research Proposal for Conducting a Community Needs Assessment

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Domestic Violence: A Research Proposal for Conducting a Community Needs Assessment
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A 9 page overview of the issues surrounding domestic violence. Provides a statistical overview of the phenomenon of domestic violence suggesting that many times these issues confront health care personnel who are either ignorant of the importance of intervention or reluctant to become involved. Proposes that a community needs assessment of community outreach education efforts targeting domestic violence be conducted. Designs a study incorporating qualitative input from independent focus groups and representatives from various governmental and private agencies regarding the effectiveness of existing outreach programs and specific community needs in regard to domestic violence. Anticipates that coupling this qualitative input with quantitative information retrieved from the U.S. Census Bureau will aid the design of stand-alone, financially independent, outreach education programs within a three year time frame. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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