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Complete VB.NET 2008 Notes with solved practice questions

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Complete VB.NET 2008 Notes with solved practice questions
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Visual Basic.NET
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VB.NET, notes, lab exercises, practice, unsolved, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET
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Paper Abstract

Catalog Description

This course covers a brief outlook of .NET 2.0 Framework apart from database connectivity with ADO.NET. This course also provides useful hands-on experience in creating applications with VB.NET.

Required Readings, Text

Programming in Visual Basic.NET, Bradley & Millspaugh, McGraw-Hill,  2005 Edition, ISBN: 007226215X

Required Additional Materials

Students will be provided additional study material as and when required.

Content of the Course

1.                  Introduction

2.                  Overview of the Microsoft .NET Platform

3.                  Development Environment Features

4.                  Language and Syntax Enhancements

5.                  Object-Oriented Design for Visual Basic .NET

6.                  Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic .NET

7.                  Constructors and Overloaded Functions

8.                  Inheritance

9.                  Arrays and Jagged Arrays

10.              Strings, Structures and Properties

11.              Namespaces and Exception Handling

12.              Virtual Functions

13.              Interfaces

14.              Collection Classes

15.              WinForms

16.              Transformation and Delegates

17.              Standard Controls

18.              Image Viewer and User Defined Controls

19.              Serialization and MDI

20.              Multithreading

21.              Synchronization

22.              DLL and COM

23.              Assemblies

24.              Versioning and Interoperability

25.              ADO.NET

26.              Developing Components in Visual Basic .NET

27.              Deploying Applications

28.              Upgrading to Visual Basic .NET

Lab Practice Questions

Lab Exercise 1:

Create a project in VB.NET to display the information about a particular project. The form should look as shown below:

After that create an inherited form that inherits from the above form, and make changes so that the inherited form looks as shown below:


Step 1: Go to Startà Programsà Visual Studio 2008.

Create a new VB.NET Windows Forms Application.

Step 2:

Design the form as shown below in the screen shot and name the form as BaseAboutForm.

The above form contains the following controls:

PictureBox: Set the image property to the file that has been sent to your e-mail. This contains the logo of the company.

5 Label controls and set the Text property to reflect the product name, version etc as shown in the screen shot above.

à        Ensure that the Modifiers property of all the label controls is set to Protected

2 Command buttons with captions set to System Info and OK.

For the System Info button type the following event for its click event:

  Dim msinfo As New Process()

  msinfo.StartInfo.ErrorDialog = True

  msinfo.StartInfo.FileName = "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe"


For the click event of the OK Command button type the following code:


Also add the following two lines of code at the top:

Option Explicit On

Namespace FormInheritance

If option explicit is set to off then variable declaration is not mandatory. However, it is a good practice to set explicit to on so that all variables are declared.

The second declaration is the namespace declaration. It is a good practice to use a namespace as it enables us to differentiate our classes from other classes.

Step 3: Now Build the application. Press F5.

Step 4:

Now we have to create an inherited form.

Click on Projectà Add New Itemà Inherited Form

The screen shot is shown below:

Step 5:

The Inheritance picker dialog box is displayed which allows us to select the Parent form.

Since there is only one form in our project, it is displayed.

Note: You can use a form in any other project or for that matter any other solution as the parent form. All you need is the executable file of the class being inherited.

Step 6: Now, the inheritance is complete. As you can see the child form looks exactly as the parent form.

Now you can modify those controls which you had declared as Protected in the Parent form. Since we had declared all the label controls as protected, it essentially means that we can modify the text of these label controls.

Change the label text so that the final form looks as shown below in the screen shot. After that build the application and you should see the following screen:

Preview available for this Term Paper-Complete VB.NET 2008 Notes with solved practice questionsPreview -

You can Preview "Complete VB.NET 2008 Notes with solved practice questions" Before you buy it

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