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Client-Centered Consultation and Consultee-Centered Consultation

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Client-Centered Consultation and Consultee-Centered Consultation
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Argosy University
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client-centered, consultee-centered, consultation, clinical
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Paper Abstract

Client-Centered Consultation and Consultee-Centered Consultation: A Comparison

March 2006


            Caplan and Caplan (1993) make a distinction between client-centered and consultee-centered consultation in their text, defining first the characteristics that identify or distinguish a mental health consultant from consultants in other professional fields.  Following the guidelines of these definitions Caplan and Caplan (1993) navigate the sometimes murky waters that exist between consultation formats, providing some specialised characteristics associated with each approach – such as theme interference with consultee-centered consultation – to untangle what could otherwise appear to be similar or the same consultation process.  The following paper attempts to pull out some of the salient points addressed in the author’s text to demonstrate several of these differences.

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