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Behavior Modification Approach To Anger Management

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Behavior Modification Approach To Anger Management
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10 pages in length. The objective of behavior therapy is to first assess and then treat mental problems that cause people to act abnormally. The current consensus among mental health professionals is that behaviors causing distress or prevent normal functioning in daily life are considered abnormal. There is a social standard by which all members are expected to abide; however, when an individual shows a propensity for straying from that social norm, behavior therapy theories are more than likely applied to determine the problem's origin and ultimate treatment. There exist myriad influences that can prompt a person into sidestepping what is considered to be normal behavior, including mental disorders, physical diseases and stress-related issues. Findings indicate successful treatment outcome and maintenance for families with aggressive youths through peer group therapy, which has proven instrumental in establishing a basic foundation of trust and understanding. This particular approach provides services within a therapeutic environment, offering the least restrictive treatment possible, while at the same time promoting the safety and well being of all treatment members. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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