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Global Politics

401. The Power of Speech in a Democracy   (3  Pages, 35.85 $ (USD) )
This 3 page paper consider the value of speech in a democracy. Speech is considers as both a form of communications and the way it can question and constraint abuses of power and create pressure for change. The bibliography cites 3 sources.
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402. Causes Of Terrorism & Marx Conflict Theory   (22  Pages, 262.9 $ (USD) )
A 22 page paper that begins with a brief history of the evolution of terrorism, including the typologies of terrorism. Factors that have been linked to terrorism, such as poverty and lack of education are discussed. These two suggested causes, however, cannot be supported in more recent terrorist acts. Other causes cited in the literature are reported and discussed. The myths of terrorism, according to at least one author are reported. Marx's conflict theory is then explained and discussed as it might apply to terrorist acts in the past and in the present. The last section offers additional thoughts and a conclusion on the causes of terrorism. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
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403. Jean Elshtain's, "Just War Against Terror":   (5  Pages, 59.75 $ (USD) )
This 5 page paper provides an examination of the argument that Elshtain provides in support of the U.S. intervention in Iraq. This paper delves into the reasons for this author's support and her purpose for writing the book. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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404. Iraq's History of Weapons of Mass Destruction:   (6  Pages, 71.7 $ (USD) )
This 6 page paper examines the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq possessed prior to the U.S. invasion of that country. Furthermore, this paper provides analysis as to the reasons for the U.S. invasion as well as the history of prior wars between the U.S. and Iraq. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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405. Saudi Arabia; The Political System   (7  Pages, 83.65 $ (USD) )
This 7 page paper examines the political system in Saudi Arabia. The paper begins with consideration of the development and power of the absolute monarch. Other issues include legitimacy, succession, the emergence of opposition, including Al-Qaeda, bureaucracy and government structure, representation and the general political environment. The bibliography cites 4 sources.
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406. Questions in Islamic History   (6  Pages, 71.7 $ (USD) )
A 6 page question/answer address of the volatility that has characterized the Middle East. The author addresses four specific questions: 1. List and explain three types of Islamic renewal or reform. 2. In what ways did the decline of the Ottoman Empire set the stage for increased American involvement in the Middle East? 3. What broad political strategy did the Eisenhower administration use to meet the challenges of Arab nationalism? 4. To what extent was the deterioration of US-Egyptian relations a result of a personal conflict between Lyndon Johnson and Nasser? Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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407. Kosovo: the decision to take military action   (4  Pages, 47.8 $ (USD) )
A paper which analyses the decision to take military action against the Serbs in Kosovo, with reference to the American government's stated rationale for the decision, the conflict between Washington and the military commanders, and the reasons why the action was less decisive than anticipated. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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408. To What Extent Is Regional Integration A Logical Response To The Process Of Globalization?   (8  Pages, 95.6 $ (USD) )
8 pages in length. Regional integration is more than a logical response to the process of globalization; indeed, it represents the fundamental survival of lesser competitive global communities by way of "generat[ing] sufficient economic activity, improve[ing] efficiency, heighten[ing] competition, attract[ing] investments, and thus creat[ing] jobs" (Severino, 2002). That the very nature of applying a worldwide scope to commerce stands to leave behind those countries ill-equipped to compete – financially, technologically and/or production-wise – is clear enough reason why regional integration is a wholly logical response to the ever-growing process of globalization. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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409. Book Report on Jame Stokebury's, "A Short History of World War I":   (3  Pages, 35.85 $ (USD) )
This 3 page paper provides a summary and analysis of, "A Short History of World War I". This paper highlights the strengths of this book as well as the major conclusions of the author. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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410. The Partition of India in 1947:   (3  Pages, 35.85 $ (USD) )
This 3 page paper offers an argument in support of the partition of India in 1947. Furthermore, this paper explains what occured, why it occured, and the results of the partition. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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